automatical flow packing machine F-DBZ600

Product Details

Main Features:

*This automatical flow packing machine F-DBZ600 manufactures pillow pack for biscuit, cookies, wafer and ruck. The twin magazines integrated in the packaging machine for manual feeding of biscuits can be adjusted for different sizes. Capable of producing individual packs or chain packs.

*This machine has a separate date printing unit along with Ac frequency control for variable speed drive that can reach upto 250 PPM. Stainless steel is used for manufacturing all the parts that are in contact with the biscuits during their movement, as to ensure protection against contamination.

*Double set of sealing jaws for high speed operation. All parts in contact with product made of stainless steel or nylon. Two wrapper spool holders. Positive drive to wrapper unwind. AC frequency control drive to infinitely vary speed from 50 to 250 ppm.

*Automatical flow packing machine F-DBZ600 is equipped with photocell tracking device with no empty packing. Stainless steel frame, high standard, no pollution. 

*Offering you the best products and serving all your needs has always been our top goal. A final QC is being done prior to the packing and shipping of finished products to assure that, customers received exactly what was specified and requested.

Technical Parameters

Packing Speed

50-400 pcs/min

Bag Size


Packing product dimension

Round slice, ball shape, ellipse,   cylindrical, etc

Total Power


Machine Dimension


Total Weight




Packing Materials

OPP,CPP,PET, Aluminum plating film, any   hot sealing film