High speed packing machine for biscuit(F-DBZ600)

High speed packing machine for biscuit(F-DBZ600)
Product Details

Product Characteristic

+High speed packing machine for biscuit(F-DBZ600) works on an automatic feeding system. Meeting the needs for wrapping the product in smaller packets, the machine, with continuous sealing mechanism layout 300 pouches in a minute.

+It runs the product on eight-meter conveyer belt following with a feeding hopper. It is a 2/4 biscuit packing machine, especially to run at a high speed. And, it follows Horizontal Flow Wrap Pillow Pack mechanism for maintaining the precision levels.

+Using imported Siemens electrical components and five servo motors to complete the packing process, thus achieves the synchronization of supplying, pushing, filming, motioning, sealing and cutting speed. This High speed packing machine for biscuit(F-DBZ600) also can carry out capacity adjustment.

+Adjustable large touch screen panel simplifies the operation. It can be programmed to memorize different products’ technical parameters and adjusted easily to accomplish the task of packing different products.

+High format flexibility, use of different packaging materials, use of different folding styles, fast and easy changeover. Gentle product transport by continuous conveyor belts and separation. High hygienic and ergonomics standard, with full separation of drive and product areas, quick cleaning and maintenance through optimum accessibility.

Technical Parameters

Packing Speed

50-400 pcs/min

Bag Size


Packing product dimension

Round slice, ball shape,   ellipse, cylindrical, etc

Total Power


Machine Dimension


Total Weight




Packing Materials

OPP,CPP,PET, Aluminum   plating film, any hot sealing film