Flow Packing Machine for wafer

1.Computer controller system, the photoelectric detection and bi-directional tracking, which can eliminate the error of packing and reduce the waste of packing film and raw materials.
2.AC motors equipped with transducer, which realized speed control, during processing can be adjusted dynamically.
3.intelligent temperature controller system, displayed easily, easy for setting, low rate of maintenance.
4.Reasonable structure, stable running with high quality.

Product Details

A quick change of product dimensions is possible by exchange of the wrapping units. It is suitable for the wrapping of the solid goods with a regular shape, such as biscuit, chocolate, long shape candy, bread, instant noodles, ice cream, mooncake, medicine, commodity, knife and fork, hardware etc.

Technical parameters



Packing Type

Flow Pack

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Chocolate, biscuits, bread, commodity, and similar products

Finished bag length


Total Power

3.5 KW



Outside Dimension


Main Feature of Flow Packing Machine for wafer

The key parts of Flow Packing Machine for wafer are adpopted of stainless steel,in accordance with food QS and medicine GMP health requirements.

Dual variable frequency control,packing goods faster,convenient with superior quality.

High sensitive electronic eye tracing system,after setting,the machine is no need to adjust by hands,the cutting position is accuracy,the seal is firm and beautiful.

Temperature is controlled by PID intelligence independently and steadily which is more suitable to various packaging material.

The main control circuit takes the single chip developed by our own company, digital screen display and controlled by transducer. Perfect interface between operator and machine, operation convenience.

Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be set and cut on one step, saving time and film.

High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking automatically and accurately.

Independent temperature control for each sealer to make sealing more beautiful and stable, suitable for variety of flexible packing material.

Intermission charging device, alcohol spray device, machinery gusseted device and coder are available.




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