Cake Packing Machine F-DBZ600

1.High-density cam indexing unit, cam gear transmission.
2.Automatic bag length adjustment, Double layer films available
3.Equipped with Automatic photocell avoiding film-cutting error.

Product Details

Cake Packing Machine F-DBZ600

Technical Parameters


Cake Packing Machine

packing speed

 50-400   pcs/min

Net weight


the product specification

 length 85-400*width 32-200*height 5-55mm

Outside dimensions


Total power



380V, 50HZ

the packing shape of the     product

round, ellipse,  waist round, cylindrical, rectangular square

Main Features

1. 9 servo motors operating, Industrial touch screen.

2. Automatic feeding for the complete packing line.

3. automatic position covering ensures no empty package.

4. automatic speed adjustment,every conveyor belt is individual.

5. conveyor belt automatic deviation device through the cylinder.

Optional accessories & special versions
-Date coder
-Nonstop film device