Double Twist Candy Packing Machine

Product Details

Double Twist Candy Packing Machine(F-S800)


packing speed50-600grain/minute
Net weight1080KG
the product specificationlength12-34*width10-28*height6-20mm
Outside dimensions1950mm×1090mm×1475mm(L*W*H)
Total power2.5KW
voltage380V, 50HZ
the packing shape of the productround slice\spherical\ellipse, waist round, cylindrical, rectangular square etc
adopted productmilk candy, chocolate beans, toffee, peanut candy, beef granule
filmOPP, CPP, PET. Aluminum plating Film, hot or cold sealing packing film, etc

Double twist packing mainly applied for milk candy, peanut candy, chocolate, etc.
The feeding plate has the connector to install auto hopper device.


Main Features

1.High-density cam indexing unit, cam gear transmission.
2.Automatic bag length adjustment, Double layer films available.

3. Equipped with Automatic photocell avoiding film-cutting error.

4. The connected part with food is stainless steel structure, no pollution, high-level food hygiene.
5.Frequency converter, stepless speed regulation.

Optional accessories & special versions
-Stainless steel frame
-Date coder
-Auto vibration device


Q: The paper can't operate normally without sugar. Could you please tell me how to adjust it? (the           original 48 holes are now changed to 36 holes)
A: when the top sugar stick and the sugar plate are at ordinary times, the jump head shrapnel is placed in the ninth hole from the top sugar stick to the jump head

purpose and features:
The machine is suitable for single grain kink of candy, beef etc packing, high production efficiency, product packaging after forming the beauty is generous, package form is the pursuit of the best choice of the product standardization of food manufacturers. The built-in sugar tray feeding device enables the production to achieve high speed, greatly improving the production efficiency while saving manpower, thus reducing the production cost for the production unit. The double layer transport device of packaging film can be packed in a single layer or double layer. Synchronous control of paper removal without sugar, no empty bags, leakage bags, ensure 100% packaging rate. Variable frequency speed control, so that the production of products more idealistic.