Chocolate Wrapping Machine Cost

SP-ZL800 Chocolate Bar Packing Machine is design for folding packing style,optional single layer and double layer ,also can be single layer with label. Packing style available cross fold and envelop fold type. also can packing aluminum foil by change some parts of the machine.

Product Details

Chocolate Wrapping Machine Cost In China

Folded wrapping machine use single or double layer wrapping materials to wrap the confections.Wrapping material sealing by food grade glue.It has the advantages of angular, flat and consistent.

SP-ZL800 is the basic model,with optional single or double layer wrappers,wrapper color code sensor,auto arrange and feeding conveyor.

Another advantage of our machine can be applied to a wider range of product sizes.length can upto 80mm.

candy chocolate packing

Specifications of Chocolate Wrapping Machine Cost:

Packing speed up to 260 pics per min

products size range: length  should less than 80mm

wrapper material:paper, composite paper, aluminum foil, BOPP

Other packaging machines are also available:

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