Candy Production Line For Twin Color Candy

Product Details

Candy Production Line For Twin Color Candy, Hard Candy, Toffee, Stripe Candy (F-C300)


itemscontained machinespecificationnumbers
1. Preheating pot

steam laminated, stainless steel with mechanical mixing 

1 set
2.gear pumpThe contacting part with food is stainless steel  1 set 
3.syrup storing tank260Lstainless steel with agitation1 set
4.continuous vacuum film cooking machine350kgs/hour , DELTA PLC\touch panel \frequency converter control speed. Steam control system with stainless steel material1 set
5.depositing machineDouble color and double pouring tanks; two mixer three essence pumps; applied for center filling, double color, stripped pouring of hard candies. Delta PLC \touch panel \frequency converter control speed. 380pieces of mould with stainless steel1 set

Depositing Speed45-65times/minute
Candy shapeAccording to requirement
Total power28KW
Conpressed AirConsumption0.3M3/MIN
Using EnviromentTemperature20-25
Candy weight3-5g
Outside Dimensions12000mm(L)*2000(W)*2700(H)

Combined Parts

1.Continuous Vacuum Microfilm Preheating Pot

2.Syrup transmission pump

3.syrup storing tank

4.depositing machine

Main features

1.Imported PLC control system, confirm stable performance; programming setting temperature, time and speed.

2.10.7" Touch screen monitor working process and parameter setting, easy operation and control.

3.Production output capacity from 150kg/hour to 600kg/hour, depends on machine model)

4.Transducer control adjustment, confirm the quantity of syrup flow accurate and constant.

5.Automatic adding and mixing essence and food colorants during processing

6.The cooling system and double lay demolding device confirm

7.There are various shape achievable depends on the mould

8.The chocolate filling device is optional for chocolate bonbon

9.This equipment can produce lollipop through simple reloading.


This machine produce can produce  twin flavor candy, stripe candy and coffee candy. The produced candy have transparent and smooth surface with good taste.