Candy Bar Packaging Machine

This packing machine SP-XPL660 can be used in food industry,such as crunchy candy,rice cracker,yolk-pie ,popsicle and other snack food packing.

Product Details

Candy bar packaging machine

1. Introduction of candy bar packing machine


● The surface of the whole machine in contact with food is made of 304 stainless steel that meets food hygiene standards.

● It can be directly connected to the production line, and the whole process of forming, feeding, filling and sealing is fully automated, which improves production efficiency.

● Fully automatic 10-inch touch screen control, easy adjustment of various packaging sizes, can store hundreds of menus to switch at will.


● Without sticking knife or wasting film.

● The sorting belt can be easily disassembled and assembled without tools, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

● The design of the mechanical transmission part is simple and atmospheric, with independent mechanical and electrical control, which is safer.

2. Product parameters of this machine

Packing speed


Bag size


Total Power




Machine weight


Power supply


Wrapping film

OPP,CPP,PET,Aluminium plating film, any hot sealing film

candy bar packing machine

3.Production Application

● Chocolate candy bar packing

● Frozen packing

● Snack food packing

Packing sample:

Chocolate Packing machine

Chocolate Packing machine
Frozen Popsicle packingmuesli bar

4.Production Detail


 This machine adopts a slanted plate material sorting           device,  it is not easy to damage the food surface during     the  material sorting process, and can achieve perfect         material   sorting effect without empty bags.

 Electrical box: 

 PLC/motion controller CPU module, nine servo motors

 and drives (quickly use calculations, equipment runs           smarter and more stable, and core electrical components   are replaced free of charge within one year.


5.Company Qualification

Our company is located in Taizhou,Zhejiang province,China,which have continuously developed a variety of high-speed packing machines such as pillow series,folding series and C series candy and other snack food molding machines,and can provide a variety of production line equipment and program design,are widely used in food industry ,such as biscuit and backery,candies,chocolates,strip,fruits and vegetables and others and non-food industry are included office supplies personal and skin care products,household products ,industrial products and so on.




In order to meet ISO 9001 international quality     control standards, we have invested heavily in      innovative materials and chemical analysis, raw   materials and auxiliary material inlet inspections,  rubber material characteristics detection and        physical performance index tests.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Delivery,Shipping and Serving 1



Q1:Which one packing machine is suitable for us ?

 A:Dear, before quoting, please kindly consult us and providing:

 1. your product name, product picture.

 2. your bag size, such as bag width and bag height.

 3. ideal bag shape.

 For there is over 100 kinds of packing machine, different on bag size.

 In order to recommend you the best, we need know that information.

 If you just start this business, no bag size, we can help you to find similar weight bag for your reference.

Q2: When you can deliver the machine after the order is placed?

 A: We usually can arrange shipment after 30-40 working days, but it depends on the quantity of the products.  

Q3:Why should you choose our packaging machinery ?

A: We have a large big factory, professional manufacturing packaging machine more than 10years, with good quality and competitive price.


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