Big Chocolate Double Twist Packing Machine

Big Chocolate Double Twist Packing Machine
Product Details

Big Chocolate Double Twist Packing Machine

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed200-250pcs/min
Product ShapeSquare, Rectangle, Trapezoid and Hemicycle
The heating power3.3kw*2
Main motor power3kw
Machine Dimension2850*1100*1940mm
Total Weight2000kg
Packing MaterialsOPP,CPP,PET, aluminum plating film, any hot sealing film

Main Features:

1.With advanced servo-motor intelligent control system, it can reduce the multi-function rate and run stably with low noise.

2.It can be connected directly with the production line and can achieve the automation of feeding ,forming, filling and saving labor force.

3.With intelligent human-interface design and touch screen. it can show the machine working condition clearly and ensure the easy operation of the machine.

4.With automatic inspecting system and achieves the packing rate of 100%. without empty packing.