Automatic Soap Pillow Packing Machine

Automatic Soap Pillow Packing Machine with in-line feeder for the automatic feeding and wrapping of small and medium sized products, like small confectionery, chocolate bar, cookies, cake etc. The machine will automatically arrange products into a single file before automatically feeding them into the wrapping section.

Product Details

Automatic Soap Pillow Packing Machine

This is a fully automatic machine, auto reject device for misplaced chocolates. Machine can be supplied different configurations of cutting jaws for different sized products. The machine wraps in the flow-pack style.

Main Features:
-With advanced servo-motor intelligent control system,it can reduce the machine problem and run stably with low noise.

-It can be connected directly with the producing line and can achieve the automation of feeding,forming,filling and sealing,and reduce the cost of labor.

-With intelligent human-interface design and touch screen,it can show the machine working condition clearly and ensure the easy operation of the machine

-With paper-splicer system and you do not need to stop the machine change another roll of film.This will improve the working efficiency and increase the capacity.

-With automatic inspecting system and achieves the packing rate of 100%,without empty packing

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed


Product Dimensions


Total Power


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