Automatic Granule Double Twist Packing Machine

Automatic Granule Double Twist Packing Machine
Product Details

Automatic Granule Double Twist Packing Machine


packing speed
Net weight1080KG
the product specificationlength12-34*width10-28*height6-20mm
Outside dimensions1950mm×1090mm×1475mm(L*W*H)
Total power2.5KW
voltage380V, 50HZ
the packing shape of productround slice\spherical\ellipse, waist round,cylindrical, rectangular square etc
adopted productmilk candy, chocolate,toffee, peanut candy,beef granule
filmOPP, CPP, PET. Aluminum plating Film, hot or cold sealing packing film, etc

Main Features

1.High-density cam indexing unit,cam gear transmission.

2.Automatic bag length adjustment with touch screen

3.Equipped with Automatic photocell avoiding film-cutting error.

4.Stainless steel contacting part,no pullation,high level food hygiene.

5.Frequency convertor,stepless speed regulation.


Normal start-up and debugging:
1) steps of normal opening and shutting down: (generally speaking, start a little before opening the host machine for debugging, and make sure the machine can operate normally before opening the host machine for normal operation)
Starting steps: power on, air supply on, hairbrush on, main engine on, speed control knob to required speed, machine working normally.
Turn off step: turn off the speed control knob gradually, turn off the air supply, turn off the main machine, turn off the brush, turn off the power, and finish.

Double Twist Packing Machine Applied For Candy, Sugar, Toffee