Automatic Energy Bar Packing Machine

automatic pillow packing machine for chocolate, wafer, candy, bread, biscuit, soap, cake, etc.

Product Details

Automatic pillow packing machine for the energy bar (F-DBZ600)

This machine is a professional packing machine for chocolate, biscuit, wafer, knives and forks, candy bar and other solid products with crisp surfaces.

Main Features:
Full automatic feeding and packing and it can connect to the producing line directly

Famous brand electronic parts and 8 servo motors;
Easy to operate and low maintenance;
Strong in quality and can run a long time;

Optional: automatic splice the film, the date of automatic coding, etc.

Main Advantage:

-Taking the Leading rank by using Trio motion technology in the packing industry, no pressure plate to fix the product in feeding line.

-High degree human-interface design, touch screen, operating and displaying clearly and conveniently operating.

-Equipped with a photocell tracking device with no empty packing.

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed


Product Dimensions


Total Power


Outside Dimensions


Net Weight


Power Source