Automatic Candy Feeding And Packing Machine For Lollipop

Automatic Candy Feeding And Packing Machine For Lollipop
Product Details

Automatic Candy Feeding And Packing Machine For Lollipop 


packing speed  50-400grain/minute
Net weight 1200KG
Finished bag size 90mm-160mm
Outside dimensions 3520mm×1350mm×1580mm
Total power 3.7KW
voltage 380V, 50HZ
the packing shape of product spherical, candy bar, lollipop, bonbon
adopted product lollipop, bonbon.
film OPP, CPP, PET. Aluminum plating Film, hot or cold sealing packing film, etc

Main Features

1.Ultra-big feeding plate with high speed feeding and surface protection.

2.Automatic bag length adjustment with touch screen

3. by-directional photoslotting avoiding film-cutting error

4.Stainless steel contacting part,no pullation,high level food hygiene.

5.Frequency convertor,stepless speed regulation.

6.Intelligent temperature control,complete airtight sealing.

7.Doube Paper rollers, Automatic paper splicer device
8.Automatic candy filling device, Same with Japanese technology, ensure no empty packing.

Optional accessories & special versions

-Automatic alarming device

-Date coder machine

-Hole punching device


This machine is mainly applied for lollipop, bonbon, special long shape candy and other same kind of product.